TOFD Transducers are high damped transducers with excellent resolution in TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction Technique) application. The TOFD probes are used with wedges that generate refracted longitudinal waves in steel.


Linear small phased array transducers

Designation Frequency crystal Ø Connector
TOFD 10-2D 2 MHz 10 mm Microdot
TOFD 6-5D 5 MHz 6 mm Microdot
TOFD 3-10D 10 MHz 3 mm Microdot

Wedges TOFD Transducers

Designation Angle for transducers
WTOFD 45°-10mm 45° TOFD 10-2D
WTOFD 60°-10mm 60° TOFD 10-2D
WTOFD 70°-10mm 60° TOFD 10-2D
WTOFD 45°-6mm 45° TOFD 6-5D
WTOFD 60°-6mm 60° TOFD 6-5D
WTOFD 70°-6mm 60° TOFD 6-5D
WTOFD 45°-3mm 45° TOFD 3-10D
WTOFD 60°-3mm 60° TOFD 3-10D
WTOFD 70°-3mm 60° TOFD 3-10D

All above items as STARMANS brand. The body of each probe will have the same diameter to fit to whatever immersion wedge for TOFD application, i.e. the same screw as well.

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