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Single element

Single Element Transducers are contact transducers with single element, designed for straight beam flaw detection and thickness measurement of plates, castings, forgings, billets, bars and others.

Single element

Designation Dimensions (mm) Connector Frequency
PN 10-2C Ø10 Microdot 2 MHz
PN 10-2D Ø10 Microdot 2 MHz
PN 10-4C Ø10 Microdot 4 MHz
PN 10-4D Ø10 Microdot 4 MHz
PN 10-5C Ø10 Microdot 5 MHz
PN 10-6C Ø10 Microdot 6 MHz
PN 20-2C Ø20 Microdot 2 MHz
PN 20-4C Ø20 Microdot 4 MHz
PN 20-5C Ø20 Microdot 5 MHz
PN 20-6C Ø20 Microdot 6 MHz

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