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Dual element

Dual Element Transducers are two crystal elements transducers in one housing. These transducers create V-shaped sound path in inspected material. One element is transmitter of longitudinal waves, and other one is receiver. A dual element transducer is used in applications where is needed higher resolution, for instance for wall thickness measurement, corrosion mapping, detection of inclusions, porosity and laminations.

Dual element

Designation Dimensions (mm) Connector Frequency
PQ 2/10-2C Ø10 Microdot 2 MHz
PQ 2/10-4C Ø10 Microdot 4 MHz
PQ 2/10-5C Ø10 Microdot 5 MHz
PQ 2/10-6C Ø10 Microdot 6 MHz
PQ 2/20-2C Ø20 Microdot 2 MHz
PQ 2/20-4C Ø20 Microdot 4 MHz
PQ 2/20-5C Ø20 Microdot 5 MHz
PQ 2/20-6C Ø20 Microdot 6 MHz

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