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Research projects

STARMANS electronics Ltd. company is principal investigator and co-director of several scientific and research projects aimed at the development of unique systems and technologies. The research projects cooperating with Czech and foreign research institutions and thus help the academic realm to apply the results of basic and experimental research in practice. So far we have worked together and co-operate with the following scientific institutions and universities:

  • Czech Technical University
  • Academy of Science
  • Technical University of Liberec
  • Brno University of Technology
  • University of West Bohemia in Pisen

Almost all developed components, technologies and systems are used for the deployment in industrial applications. So far, we have lead and participated in solving the following research projects:

2006: 6RP EU 505657-1 MINUET Miniaturised Ultrasonic, Engineered-Structure

= research and devopment of multilayered ultrasonic probes using new materials

2006 - 2011: 2A-1TP1/092 - Research of preparation nanoforms layered piezoelectric

= research of new nanomaterials used for design of piezoelectric sensors usable at high temperatures

2007 - 2010: FT-TA4/126 - Research semiconducting nanotubes for the implementation of components studenoemisních

= research of nanomaterials intended for the construction of new types of devices using cold emission effect

2007 - 2011: 2A-2TP1/147 - Research semiconducting nanotubes for the realization of photoelectric devices

= research of nanotubes containing nanomaterials intended for the construction of photoelectric device

2009 - 2011: CZ.1.03/4.2.00/12.00145 - Foundation of Research, Development and Technology Centre of STARMANS electronics, Ltd.

= project was focused to found a new research center for research and development of new multilayered ultrasonic probes used for special applications

2012 - 2015: TA02010733 - Intelligent industrial systems for automatic testing of railway wheels

= research of new sophisticated system using magnetic particle method for automated scanning and testing of railway wheels

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