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We are a company focused on the proposal and construction of electronic systems used in industrial (mainly NDT) applications. The inseparable part of our success is made by our research group. We dispose by research laboratories which are supplied with high-technology designed devices. Our newest established laboratory is mainly focused on nanotechnology research. Our research group within this laboratory is focused on research of new nanomaterials with specific properties. The goal is to propose new structures of materials which will be more useful for design of electronic systems and equipment used in industrial NDT applications.

The present technology for devices construction for non-destructive testing requires miniaturization of used electronics parts. The materials used for the construction of semiconductors and these devices often limits usefulness of constructed devices. For better achievement of results during non-destructive testing are commonly useful used new technologies of material construction. For this reason, the nanotechnology area is one of the most focused technologies to create new materials with better physical, exactly defined, properties. These constructed materials and devices rapidly improve the testing process.


Nanotechnology at STARMANS electronics company

In present, the STARMANS electronics company is leading the three major projects from nanotechnology area. The first project is focused on research of semiconductor nanotubes used for photoelectric components realization. The objective of the second project is the research of semiconductor nanotubes used for field emission components realization. The last project is focused on research of piezoelectric laminated nanoforms for high-temperature ultrasonic transducers.

Measurement of physical properties

The research is carry out in our new laboratory NanoStarLab. We are well equipped to achieve the credible results. For the measurement of created materials we own the scanning electron microscope JEOL JSM-7001.

Current results: Within all three projects we performe some special measurements and created new materials.


Ultrasonic measurement

The measurement of physical properties is performed on all new material samples.


                                                          Created nanotubes

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