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Manual scanner

Manual scanner for ultrasonic testing.

Manual scanner

Manual Scanner for weld inspection

The STARMANS Manual Scanner is light, small and versatile manual scanner. It is designed with magnetic wheels to be used on plates and pipes for circumferential scans. It can be used up to four probes. The scanner frame has ruler for easy and precise adjustment of probes. The position of handles can be changed to get into hard-to-reach places. The main application of manual scanner is maintenance weld inspection.


  • Use for circumferential scans on pipes with outside diameter 6,69 in (170 mm) or greater
  • Light aluminum frame with length 19,68 in (500 mm). Optionally other sizes are available
  • Removable handles
  • Probes can be positioned outside the wheels
  • Magnetic wheels with protective rubber
  • Spring-loaded probe holders for 4 probes
  • The probe positioning is fully adjustable
  • Ruler on the scanner frame
  • Waterproof, spring-loaded encoder as option
  • Water manifold integrated into the scanner frame

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