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DIO 562 LC-2CH

Two-channel Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for manual rail inspection.
Testing with two independent channels at the same time.

DIO 562 LC-2CH

The model Flaw Detector DIO562 2CH is a two-channel ultrasonic flaw detector for manual field inspection as well as for automated scanning. Its use is suited for testing with two independent channels at the same time. There are two independent receivers, two transmitters; the display is divided in two channels (parts); the gate display: two gates in the first and one in the second channel (Fig. 1) The pitch of tone is distinguishing the signals (indications) within gates.

Another example of DIO 562 2CH usage is the testing of hollow railway vehicle axles with boring diameter from 30 to 80 mm, using special transducers fixture

Main features Flaw Detector DIO562 LC 2CH:

  • One transducer looks forwards, another one backwards - advantage of inspection in both directions simultaneously.
  • A possibility of gain setting different in both channels, in order to accommodate differencies of transducers in sensitivity.
  • Adjustable steps and common gain setting for both channels - setting of sensitivity of detection and signal-t-noise ratio.
  • Adjustable level of acoustic signalization of indication within gates.
  • Adjustable display brightness.
  • Possibility of freeze peaks in both channels - fast defect detection and evaluation afterwards.
  • Displaying f position in mm and value in % of biggest detected echo in the gate
  • Trigonometric calculations - displaying of sound path, depth and projection distance.
  • Set-ups for specific transducers may be saved and re-loaded using function keys.

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