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Spiral welded tubes

The STARMANS DIO 2000 Device for Spirally Welded Pipes is designed for inspection of pipe body and weld seams in spirally welded pipes. It complies with requirements of API5L, incl. SHELL extension, and comparable specifications.

Spiral welded tubes

The STARMANS DIO 2000 Device for Spirally WeldedPipes is designed for inspection of pipe body and weldseams in spirally welded pipes. It complies with requirementsof API5L, incl. SHELL extension, and comparablespecifications. Multi-channel ultrasonic inspection systemis specifically designed for automatic equipment requiringa massive number of transducers as well as intensive dataprocessing. Ultrasonic inspection system can be equippedwith two testing heads for 10 to 18 ultrasonic transducerson each head - depending on pipe O.D. and wall thickness.Transducers arrangement is very flexible, allowing all“K”, “X”, “I” configurations and their combinations for weldinspection. Using a linear laser beam and a CCD camera,a correction of the spiral movement (rotational speed) isprocessed by the PLC to keep the UT head in a constant positionrelative to the weld center line.


The device consist of: weld tracking system moving withhead using horizontal linear rail with servo motor, weldsearching system that searches automatically weld by rotatingtube, protected transducers within the UT head,transducer positioning for different diameter of pipe usingflexibly adjustable mechanic system around the pipe diameter.


The electronic part of the STARMANS DIO 2000 Device ForSpirally Welded Pipes controls all mechanical functionsand processing of ultrasonic signals from the probes. Allelectronic elements and UT cards are module-wise composedand connected in cabinet. All ultrasonic parameterscan be set up for each channel individually.

Control and Software:

The system is controlled by PLC Siemens using a touchscreen panel. In addition the device can be connected to anetwork of company. Software for DIO 2000 has been developedfor control and displaying and has the following features:settings, measuring, monitoring the data and calibration.It is user-friendly and easy to operate.


The system enables to make analysis, statistics, and reportsfor further evaluation, large data basis and printing.The records can be arranged according to a customer´sspecial request.

The above details are based on standard supplied system.The STARMANS electronics can design and offer a turnkeycustom solution to meet specifications and requirementsof customer.

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