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Phased array inspection system are comonly used to detect and vizualize subsurface flaws in materials. Phased Array probes are made in variety of shapes, sizes and have generally from 8 to 128 elements.

Portabe DIO1000PA

The most common phased array probes are linear arrays probes, which suit to many industrial applications. For special applications are used matrix, concave, annular and other phased array probes. The signals received from phased array probes are used to visualize the material volume and to easily localize the subsurface flaws. One of many applications is the testing of railway trains.

Phased array industrial systems are suitable for flaw and crack detection where the fast inspection speed is required. The phased array probe must be designed to exactly reach the material shape. Our constructed industrial system is used for testing of 4 m long tubes with diameter 30 mm. For such tubes we especially proposed and designed phased array transducer with rounded surface and with 64 elements. The transducer and sensitivity of the system can be adjusted to test the tubes even with smaller thickness. The tested tubes go through  phased array ultrasonic inspection head, what is more easier without mechanical rotation parts. All functions are set and adjusted by software only need to be recalled preset configuration for different diameters.

Basic system version detects longitudinal defects, internal discontinuities and thickness using three phase controlled probes for maximum 64 elements. Method covers 100% testing. The system is able to detect internal discontinuities with dimensions of less than 1 mm in diameter. Linear testing speed is 0.5 m/s and higher. The probe of the circular contour allows ultrasound beams swing at an angle to both sides as angle probes and transmit directly as straight probe. Principle of water tank filling is either immersion or spin - water spin around the tested tubes. Phased array head replace conventional rotation ultrasonic testing method (ROTA). The probe covers all area of welds.

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